Our citizens deserve sound data and strong tools to sustain democracy. Our collective future depends on it.

In the current climate, causes and campaigns too often lack the time, expertise, and flexibility to work beyond immediate deadlines. The New Data Project (NDP) is a new 501(c)(4) organization built to address this gap by testing new approaches, looking beyond the current cycle, and serving as an advanced technology research lab for progressives.

The New Data Project’s strategy is focused on two major levers: building better tools for civic engagement and improving the data that drives organizations, causes, and campaigns. We’re building a team of top-notch engineers, data scientists, and user researchers to ensure the issues that matter have the talent and tools to succeed—today and tomorrow.

We are seasoned progressives and software industry leaders.

Our DC- and Chicago-based leadership team includes Mikey Dickerson, who founded the U.S. Digital Service and was an early leader of Google’s Reliability Engineering team; Sarah Sullivan, the first Chief of Staff of the U.S. Digital Service; and Mitch Stewart, who created the battleground state strategy for President Obama in 2012.

Our Seattle-based software team includes veterans of Amazon.com, Cozi (which makes apps for families used by more than 20 million people), and other companies.

Our work.

We are building new tools to increase engagement among genuine grassroots supporters.

Our first product is VoteWithMe, a relational organizing app for iOS and Android that helps you see which of your friends are eligible to vote in key elections, and who needs a voting reminder. Then, it’s up to you to directly engage with them and encourage them to vote!

VoteWithMe was available in several past elections like the 2018 special congressional elections in Pennsylvania’s 18th district and Arizona’s 8th district. We used those special elections to gather a ton of data in scientifically controlled experiments and found that VoteWithMe was 20 times as effective as traditional methods of getting out the vote, like knocking on strangers’ doors. It’s eight times as effective as texting strangers.

Civic Engagement Research

We are deepening understanding of how people engage in civic life today.

Our research has explored how people engage in civic action today, what makes them more or less likely to engage, and how we might motivate and encourage people to engage in ways that are meaningful to them. We have developed a framework for the two-sided cycle of civic engagement (top) and the barriers and motivators to civic engagement (bottom) as they relate to maslow’s heirarchy of needs.

We are working on affordable, effective, easy-to-use creative testing for campaigns and causes.

In collaboration with Civis Analytics, we are developing a digital ad testing tool that will allow progressives to test any kind of creative on a short deadline, and on a budget. Learn more about our results from testing a variety of messages for candidates for the House of Representatives.