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Our Washington, DC team

Mikey Dickerson

Executive Director

Mikey Dickerson founded The New Data Project in 2017 and currently serves as Executive Director and President of the Board.

In a previous life, Mikey worked for eight years as an engineer and manager in Site Reliability at Google. During that time, he volunteered his skills on the 2012 Obama campaign. He made his first move to Washington, DC, in October 2013 when President Obama asked him to lead the effort to rescue the troubled website.

After, President Obama appointed Mikey to create and lead the U.S. Digital Service, a new Peace Corps-like service headquartered at the White House charged with bringing modern technical talent into government to help fix some of the country’s most crucial services. As Administrator of USDS, Mikey was responsible for every aspect of building and operating the $32 million federal bureau and growing its staff to 200 people by the end of 2016.

Mikey has been described as having a “uniquely charming personality.” He holds a degree in mathematics from Pomona College and lives in Washington, DC.

Sarah Sullivan

Deputy Executive Director

Prior to starting up The New Data Project, Sarah spent six years in the White House. There, she served as Senior Writer to President Obama and then as Chief of Staff to the U.S. Digital Service, a new effort to recruit top technology talent and improve the federal government’s most important services.

Before that, Sarah lived in Boston where she worked for the Senate President in the Massachusetts State House, helped found the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism, and ran an interesting–but unsuccessful–bid for State Representative while in college.

Sarah grew up outside of Tampa, Florida, in a town her parents are designing and building from the ground up. Her favorite story to tell is about the time her family accidentally adopted her Russian brother.

Sarah graduated summa cum laude from Boston University. She lives in Washington, DC.

Chris Scott

UX Researcher + Designer

Chris Scott is a UX Researcher and Designer based in The New Data Project’s Washington, DC office. In this role, Chris leads user research that explores the relationship people have with political participation, and how human-centered digital products could make that participation more rewarding, more inclusive, and sustained.

Before joining NDP in 2017, Chris spent three years working internationally as a design researcher and strategist, tackling challenges from gender equity in rural India to agricultural systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. As an independent consultant, Chris worked on projects with global clients including TechnoServe, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Quicksand Design. Prior to that, he spent three years in management consulting with Booz Allen Hamilton in New York City, where he gained strategy experience across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

He currently serves on the founding board of The National LGBT Workers Center. In his spare time, Chris mentors aspiring social changemakers through his Designers of Tomorrow Project and co-leads Stepwell, a global collective of design research practitioners. But the key to Chris’s heart is through an invitation to live music, authentic Mexican food, or conversations about aviation.

Jenny Smith

Operations Manager + Special Assistant

Jenny works out of the DC office, where she makes sure that The New Data Project keeps the literal and figurative lights on, Trello is up-to-date, and the office plant is occasionally watered, so the team can focus on saving democracy.

Prior to joining NDP, Jenny was the acting Director of People Operations for the U.S. Digital Service, where she led the team responsible for recruiting technologists to serve their country. She previously led the External Affairs Department for the Georgetown University Library, was a Neighborhood Team Leader on the 2012 Obama campaign, and dabbled in commercial agriculture and whitewater rafting. Jenny is a certified cat-herder, despite being more of a dog person, and an experienced goat rodeo cowboy.

Jenny holds a degree in international security from Georgetown University, which has come in handy exactly once in her professional career. It is, however, very useful for boring her coworkers with stories about post-conflict political systems and daydreaming about better government.

Our Seattle, WA team

Kim Rachmeler

Director of Engineering

Kim Rachmeler leads The New Data Project’s Seattle team, where she directs the development of VoteWithMe, a relational organizing app to get out the progressive vote. When Kim started her career, she worked as a software developer for some large Silicon Valley firms including Hewlett-Packard and Silicon Graphics. Kim also co-founded (and crashed) her own start-up company before landing a job as Group Program Manager for Amazon in mid-1997. During her ten years at Amazon she was the CIO for International, VP Retail Systems, VP WorldWide Customer Service, VP Global Supply Chain, VP of Worldwide Discovery, and a member of the s-team.

After retiring in 2007, she became deeply involved with Vittana, a non-profit dedicated to getting disadvantaged students in the developing world access to the financing they need to earn the degrees that will land them the steady jobs necessary to leave poverty behind for good, eventually becoming co-chair of their board. In mid 2015, Kim joined the U.S. Digital Service to help the federal government get better at developing and delivering software services. After returning to Seattle she joined The New Data Project to help preserve democracy.

Her two French bulldogs are fully supportive of her efforts as long as those efforts involve treats and scratchies. Kim holds two degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford.

Will Friedman

Seattle Office Co-founder, Head of Product

A software entrepreneur with a technical background and a strong interest in politics, Will is responsible for VoteWithMe’s software roadmap and schedule and leads business relationships with key partners.

Early in his career, Will held various technical and business roles at Microsoft, including as program manager for the first version of Bing Maps. Then he worked in London and Paris for five years during which he was responsible for business development for two startups.

Upon returning to the U.S. in 2005 Will joined Cozi, the maker of family organizing software, where he held a variety of technical and product roles and ultimately became president. Will also took on responsibility for the Cooking Light Diet, a Web subscription app, and led both Cozi and the Diet to profitability.

In response to the 2016 presidential election, Will founded with current NDP colleague Jeremy Kallman, which hand-delivers messages to Senators in DC. That project led to meeting the NDP team and Will’s current role.

Will has a computer engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In his spare time, he practices Aikido and spends time with his wife and daughter.

Jordan Kiang

Software Engineer

Jordan is a an engineer with The New Data Project’s Seattle team focusing on VoteWithMe’s back end systems.

Prior to joining NDP Jordan was most recently Director of Operations at Cozi Inc. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Washington.

Jeremy Kallman

Senior UI Engineer

Jeremy is the primary front-end developer for VoteWithMe.

Before joining NDP, Jeremy worked for Amazon where he was the UI lead for the first version of Kindle FreeTime. He has also worked for several other startups in the Seattle area, including Cozi,, Eventshare (founding Engineer) and also worked remotely building software for an insurance tech startup.

In his spare time, he co-founded with NDP colleague Will Friedman.

Jeremy has a BA in Biology-Chemistry from Whitman College and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

Sara Al Mughairy

UX Researcher + Designer

Sara Al Mughairy is a researcher and designer on The New Data Project’s Seattle team, focusing on increasing the power of individuals in US elections and making it cool to talk about voting.

Prior to joining NDP, Sara held numerous research and design positions. She was a UX Designer for the NeuroEconomics Lab at UC Berkeley-Haas, the first Research Manager for a new lab at UC Berkeley, and a Research Assistant at Harvard University. She also served as the Vice Chair of Diversity for UW Graduate School, a Health Educator for Peer Health Exchange, and previously led an award-winning creative agency.

Sara holds a Masters in HCI + Design and a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience. Outside of work, you can find her competing in video competitions, ranting about social injustice, and hiking mountains.

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